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Senjutsu - Super Deluxe Box Set

Super Deluxe Box Set

Dear Iron Maiden fan,

Thank you for purchasing the Super Deluxe boxset. Unfortunately, due to a manufacturing error you may have an incorrect booklet (pictured above) in your purchase. This should have been spotted by our Quality Control Team, and we are keen to ensure that you receive the correct booklet with the minimum of fuss.

To enable you to enjoy the album booklet with no delay, we have a pdf download and a digital viewer version available.

Submissions for replacement booklets have now closed.

Replacement booklets for received requests will ship from Monday 24th January 2022.

Once your replacement booklet has shipped we will notify you via email.

The notification will include indicated delivery timelines by business/working days.

Please be aware that shipping times vary from country to country so we kindly ask for your patience during the delivery stage of your replacement booklet.

The email will also contain customer service contact details should you not receive your replacement booklet after the indicated delivery timeline has passed.

If you registered your replacement request before 26th November please be reassured that we have received your request and will be in touch with a further update regarding your booklet shipping to you.

Your personal data will be held for the purpose of delivering your replacement only and will not be added to any other email lists without your expressed permission.

Thank you for your registration and patience whilst we work towards getting your replacement booklet to you.